The Finest Ingredients For At-Home Chefs

Our Take-and-Bake Market is Open!

OSF housemade soups are perfect for those cold winter days
OSF housemade crackers - delicious for entertaining
Try our OSF housemade blackberry ketchup with your next feast

Love our food? Take these items home when you next visit and enjoy them any day.

Our soups are great and primarily gluten free. Convenient to have in your home freezer for any meal. Don’t forget to grab our delicious housemade crackers to go alongside. Are you a foodie? Our Okanagan Street Food chicken stock is handy for making your own soups and sauces and gravies, or for adding to rice. And our pulled pork – need we say more?

soups** —- $8.50/1L
housemade rotating selection, in the freezer, primarily gluten-free

housemade crackers**  —-  $8/150g
toasted fennel or parmigiano rosemary

chicken stock** —- $5/1L
housemade chicken stock

housemade blackberry ketchup** —- $10

“pulled” pork** —- $25/750g
brown sugar-braised pork butt

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